Foggen Fire Protection

FOGGEN WaterMist Technology is very intelligent and advanced fire suppression system suitable for different kind of applications such as Hotels, Buildings, It & Communication rooms, marine industry and many other places that want a suitable, fast and affordable fire protection.

  • Hotels

    FOGGEN WaterMist Technology solution can be installed in even the most parts of Hotels.
  • Buildings

    FOGGEN WaterMist Technology is the best, fast and flexible system to be use in Buildings.
  • IT & Communication

    FOGGEN has passed all the Standards fire tests required for a typical data center.
  • Marine

    FOGGEN protects most of the passenger ships in the world from danger fire accidents.
  • foggen advantages  
    The use of FOGGEN water mist fire suppression system, when compared to the use of gaseous agents and traditional sprinkler systems, has revealed many advantages, here we explain some of…
  • Quality Assurance  
    To deliver high-quality products and services to customers, FOGGEN adopts a method of “phase management” in which we perform reliable quality assurance from the customers’ perspective by setting conditions that…
  • Mission and Goals  
    Our Mission is to use the practical application of integrated fire protection principles and technical knowledge to produce reliable, life-safety solutions, while maintaining the highest ethical standards, and earning the…


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