Foggen WaterMist for Hotels

foggen watermist in hotelFoggen WaterMist fire protection is the best way to protect guests and employees from fire in hotels. we uses minimum quantities pure water to control, suppress and extinguish fire.  It is therefore safe and can be discharged without the need to evacuate guests and staff beforehand.  The system uses a fraction of the water needed by a conventional sprinkler system which avoids the need to stock expensive and wasteful tanks of water, and which minimizes clean up and downtime post fire event.

Test have proven that Foggen water mist technology will extinguish fire faster and with less damage to equipment and assets than a traditional sprinkler system.   Installation is straightforward (very small pipes) and the nozzles are unobtrusive. Each system is specifically engineered according to customer’s requirements. Increased nozzle spacing and small piping dimensions passes a significant installation cost saving to the customer which places Ultra Fog at the top of its class in terms of value for money and lifetime system maintenance.

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