What is FogGen?

what is foggen

FogGen water mist system is one of the most innovative fire suppression systems in Market, it uses water as extinguishing material but in a different way than traditional systems.

In a traditional sprinkler system, water droplets spreads over the incident area and removes the heat from fire, whilst in FogGen water mist system , water transforms to very small droplets (mist) with large surface area, which fall slower, they  absorb the heat quickly an cool the area. In addition by absorbing the heat, A very fast evaporation occurs and the steam displace the oxygen and combustible gases from area and helps to suppress the fire. This method requires significantly less water than traditional systems.

This achieves by dispersing water through specially designed nozzles at low, medium or high pressure. Generally, as system pressure increases, the water droplet size decreases. This, in turn, significantly increases the total surface area of the unit and so leads to production of a greater volume of steam, removing more energy from the fire, which generates the steam.


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